GPE ANMO Instruction Manual

Thank you for choosing ANMO as your recovery modality of choice. For your safety, please review the following instructions and safety information before using your device.

Safety Information
System Description
ANMO system description
Components list and specifications


Pump Unit

Power input: 12.6V DC 3.5A (size: L 31cm 12.2" x W 19cm 7.5" H 10cm 4")


AC Adapter (Battery Charger)

Input AC 100V~ 240V 50/60 Hz 1.5A max. Output: 12.6V 5.0A


AC Power Cord

L: 60 in. (152 cm)


Rechargeable Battery

12 V DC capacity: 12V 8300 mAh limited charge voltage: 12.6V


DC Power Cord

L: 19.5" (50cm)


Silicon Air Tube with 6-way Air Connector

OD 7 x ID 4 tube length 24" (60cm)


T Type 6-way Air Connector

OD 6mm x ID 3.25mm


Silicon Water Tube with Sleeve and Male Connector

OD 7 x ID 4 tube length 24" (60cm)


Silicon Water Tube with Sleeve and Female Connector

OD 7 x ID 4 tube length 24" (60cm)


Silicon Water Suction Tube with Water Filter

OD 7 x ID 4 tube length 20" (50cm)


Silicon Water Return Tube with Connector

OD 7 x ID 4 tube length 20" (50cm)


System Controller

7 in. LCD touch screen



6.5 in. (200cm)


Ice and Water Container

10 liter


System Carry Bag

W 12.5" x L 19.5" x H 7" (EVA + 1680D)

full leg sleeve

Full Leg Sleeve, Medium (30") and Large (35")

full arm sleeve

Full Arm Sleeve (27")

universal sleeve

Universal Sleeve, Medium (15") and Large (19")

ankle sleeve

Ankle Sleeve


Compression therapy (pneumatic compression) unsing ANMO should not be used on patients who:

Cryotherapy using ANMO should not be used on patients:

Control Panel Description
panel description 1 panel description 2 panel description 3 panel description 4 panel description 5 panel description 6 panel description 7 panel description 8 panel description 9 panel description 10 panel description 11 panel description 12 panel description 13
oper 1 oper 2 oper 3 oper 4

Wearing the sleeves:

  1. Attach the air line connectors to the desired sleeve(s). Make sure the red arrows are aligned with each other.
  2. On the full-limb sleeves (full arm and full leg), there are two pairs of water line connectors on each sleeve. The shorter sleeves have one pair of water line connectors each. Connect all water line connectors that are on the sleeves to the water lines from the control unit.
  3. Insert the designated limb into the sleeve designed to hold it. For the arm sleeve, wrap the Velcro strap under the armpit of the opposite arm and secure. It may be necessary to unfasten the sleeves first by unzipping or pulling apart the Velcro before wearing.
  4. After using the sleeves, wipe the inside and outside with a damp cloth. It may be necessary to unzip the sleeves to do this. Afterwards, dry with a dry cloth. Sleeves are not machine-washable.
oper 5

Ending the session and turning off the device:

  1. Sessions can be paused or ended at any time. Tap “Pause” to temporarily stop the program. The button will flip show “Start” and begin flashing. Tap the flashing “Start” to resume the program.
  2. Tap “End Program” to end the session. The control panel screen will jump to the First Screen.
  3. After finishing the session, return water from the sleeve to the reservoir bag by using the “Water Return” function (see Device Storage and Maintenance).
  4. Clean the inside of the sleeves with a damp cloth and dry.
  5. Turn off the main unit by pressing the power button.
  6. If using the battery as the power source, turn off the battery by pressing the switch to the off position.
  7. If using the power cable as the power source, safely unplug the cable from the wall socket.
  8. Disconnect the power source from the main unit.
Function Description

Air Cuff Programs:

  1. Sustained press- An incremental massage that eventually holds the entire limb and releases.
  2. Incremental press- A light, climbing press and release.
  3. Deep push 1- Inflates forward and backward for a full directional press.
  4. Deep push 2- Inflates forward and backward in faster increments.
  5. DVT Prevention 1- Directional massage with slow release.
  6. DVT Prevention 2- Incremental compression with undulating release.
  7. DVT Prevention 3- Gradual, full-limb compression.
  8. Holding press 1- Two directional pressing massage.
  9. Holding press 2- Pressing massage with a systematic release.
  10. Recovery- Moving press massage.
  11. Gradual full press- Full leg pressure increases progressively.
  12. Inflate- Straightforward full inflation and holds at the target pressure.
  13. Inflate & Deflate- Full inflation with occasional release and re-inflation.
Device Storage and Maintenance
Battery Charge
Warranty Information

Global Parts Enterprise LLC. Limited Warranty

Global Parts Enterprise LLC. (“GPE LLC.”) warrants that the retail hardware product herein (“Product”) is free of material defects in materials and workmanship that result in Product failure during normal usage, according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The limited warranty extends only to the original end-user purchaser and holder of this warranty. The warranty is not transferable or assignable to any subsequent purchaser.
  2. Proof of purchase of the Product in the form of a dated itemized receipt or invoice is required to be eligible for this limited warranty.
  3. The limited warranty is ONLY applicable in the country or territory where the product was purchased from an authorized GPE LLC. retailer and excludes any product that has not been purchased as new or is obtained as a result of the purchase of a non-GPE LLC. product.
  4. During the Warranty Period (as provided below), GPE LLC. will repair, or replace, at GPE LLC. sole option, any defective parts or any parts that will not properly operate for their intended purpose with new or refurbished parts if such repair or replacement is needed.
    1. The limited warranty for the Product extends for NINETY (90) days from the date of the purchase (“Warranty Period”). The warranty period will be extended by each whole day that the Product is out of the possession for repair under this warranty.
    2. GPE LLC. will pay for the labor charges incurred by GPE LLC. in repairing or replacing the defective parts during the Warranty Period from the date of your purchase.
    3. GPE LLC. also warrants that the repaired or replaced parts will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of FIFTEEN (15) days from the date of repair or replacement, or for the remainder of the Warranty Period, whichever is greater.
  5. GPE LLC. does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the Product. GPE LLC. is not under any obligation to support the Product for all operating environments, including but not limited to.
  6. For repairs during warranty period, please refer to the Product Returns section of the GPE LLC. Customer Support Services documentation accompanying the Product for repair information. This document will provide you with contact information for a GPE LLC. office and step-by-step procedures for returning the Product for warranty service.
    1. You must provide proof of purchase of the Product by a dated itemized receipt or invoice.
    2. You will bear the cost of shipping the Product to GPE LLC.. GPE LLC. will bear the cost of shipping the Product back to You after completing the warranty service.
    3. You will be issued a Return Authorization Number. Please write the RA number on the outside of the package. GPE LLC. will not accept a return that does not have a return authorization or the RA number on the outer packaging.

Please only return the defective item(s). GPE LLC. is not responsible for other products or accessories returned with the defective item.