About Us

About us

Global Parts Enterprise (GPE) is a research and development company that designs products centered around ways to improve quality of life.

Gary Chiu founded the company in 2006 to realize his dream of being able to design and create unique products. It wasn't long before he was inspired by his own experience with chronic back pain and began to become interested in cold therapy. Unsatisfied by the therapy modalities he was able to find, Chiu decided to create his own. In 2007, the first versions of his motorized water bladder was designed, and subsequent improvements led to his first portable compression therapy system in 2009. The first systems were sold all throughout the United States and some European countries as well. In 2014, after listening to requests from his close horsemen friends, Chiu adapted the compression system to fit horses. The ProMax Dual Equine system was successful and popular for its novel portability and intuitive use. Building on those concepts, the ProMax CCD was developed in 2017. Later on, the desire for innovation led Chiu to develop his proudest device yet: ANMO, a device combining pneumatic massage with cold therapy.