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ANMO is designed for professional athletes

ANMO Cold & Hot compression device

For Recovery & Massage use

ANMO is a portable cold pneumatic compression device that can Soothe swelling, Relieve pain, and Treat first degree burns.

ANMO is perfect for anyone experiencing acute pain from tendonitis, sprains, and general muscle fatigue. It can also aid in relieving chronic pain from arthritis, joint pain, and post-operative sites.

ANMO provides a constant supply of cold water to sleeves that can be inflated sequentially. Sequential compression in a massage-like manner complements cold therapy for more effective pain reduction.

13 pre-programmed massage functions! Adjustable pressure in each cuff. Extremely flexible and customizable for individual needs.

Extended splitter can be used to attach up to four sleeves


ProMax-900-S equine cold therapy system.
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