ANMO Portable Pneumatic Cold & Hot Compression Massage Device

a. System carry case.
b. Pump unit.
c. LED System controller.
e. 12V DC Rechargeable battery.
f. DC power cable.
g. A/C adapter (Also can use for battery charge).
h. GPE Micro-USB cable.
i. Air tube splitter.
j. Ice and water bag (container).
k. Working instuction.

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  • Can simultaneously support 24 compression chambers and 4 water sleeves.
  • 13 preprogrammed massage functions, customizable to fit the user’s individual needs.
  • Constant supply of ice water maintains cold temperatures.
  • 6-chamber sleeves, pressure in each sleeve can be adjusted individually.
  • Battery lasts 6 hours and charges in ONLY 2 hours.
  • Accelerate recovery with ANMO cold therapy.* Refreshing massage functions* Immediate relief!


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